Medical & Disaster Relief

For those in Israel burdened with being both sick and poor, aid from Vision for Israel is a hand of mercy in their deepest need. Now with sharply rising healthcare costs, more Israelis are in need than ever before.

The amount that Israeli families must spend on healthcare each month has shot up to double what it was ten years ago. For the poorest 10% of the population, the government pays all medical expenses, but those who are slightly above that deep level of poverty often find that they have fallen into a terrifying gap - they are not poor enough for the State to pay, but they are too poor to afford necessary medicines or doctor visits on their own.

“Should I buy medicine this month or food?” is a question that too many have told us they were asking before Vision for Israel stepped in to help. We refuse to let these sons and daughters of Israel suffer in silence. Vision for Israel is committed to healing the sick.

Ongoing medical supplies are donated on a regular basis according to the donations coming in. These donations go to places like elderly homes for the needy and ICU and oncology wards in hospitals, as well as providing wheelchairs to children with disabilities. All items requested go through a very deep screening before approval.

The numbers that are displayed above are only based on donations collected on this website and on the VFI mobile app.
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