Aid to the Poor

Since 1994, Vision for Israel has been reaching out to Israelis of all backgrounds who are struggling with poverty. This assistance has become more critical than ever before as a wave of poverty is hurting the promise of the Promised Land for many.

According to the 2011 Israel National Insurance Institute Poverty Report, almost 1.8 million Israelis live below the poverty line – a full 24% of the population. 36% of Israeli households report being unable to meet basic needs for food and electricity. More than a third of all Israelis reported that they are very hungry.

Children suffer from poverty in an even higher percentage. Poverty among Israeli families with children has shot up from 25% in the year 2000 to 35% in 2011. One in four Israeli children lives below the poverty line. Among Israeli children, a staggering 7% regularly searched for food left on the street or in trash cans.

But those in need are not alone. Thanks to the generosity of Vision for Israel supporters, we supply essential emergency relief to poor and needy Jewish and Arab people living throughout the nation of Israel.

Through The Joseph Storehouse, the relief wing of Vision for Israel, we are able to distribute on a weekly basis essential supplies such as money vouchers, clothing, toiletries, kitchen and household items, appliances, blankets, towels, linens, diapers, infant and toddler necessities, and toys for children. We take very seriously the high calling to help the poor, and work directly with social workers, government agencies, and congregational leaders to ensure each situation is one of genuine need, and to assess how we can best help.

To provide ongoing financial support to the poor, high-risk children and the elderly.
The numbers that are displayed above are only based on donations collected on this website and on the VFI mobile app.
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