Holocaust Survivors

Each year, there are fewer and fewer Holocaust survivors left living among us. When the Holocaust ended, many persecuted Jews arrived in Israel and found a place they could call their home. Sadly, their troubles were far from over. A shockingly large number of Holocaust survivors living in Israel today are stricken by poverty and loneliness, with no families to care for them. Because of financial distress, many must choose between buying food and medicine or heating their homes in the winter. Acts of violence and terrorism often bring back memories of their traumatic experiences, and their lives are not easy nor carefree. 

It is our mission to reach out to these beloved ones and show them through our actions that we care for them by providing for them physically, financially and emotionally. We provide them with financial aid year-round and heaters and blankets in the winter, and we sponsor social activities each week. One of the projects we are part of, Café Europa, is a weekly gathering of Holocaust survivors who speak Hebrew, English or Russian. They get to participate in a special activity, usually involving a guest speaker or performer, and they socialize together over a light lunch, sometimes even going on excursions together. By bringing the survivors together in one place, we are blessing them with fellowship and community, as well as caring for their other needs.

To support Israel's Holocaust survivors and show them love through our actions.
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