We know that children are our future, and in Israel especially, education is vitally important to lowering the high poverty rate. One of our passions is providing scholarships and financial assistance to students currently working to receive an education.

In the land of Israel, the education system is almost always in crisis, and elementary and high school education systems are incredibly weak, damaging the opportunity for growth and improved welfare in the country. Vision for Israel invests much effort in helping advance the education system and fighting the crises that students encounter.

Barry and Batya Segal, the founders of Vision for Israel and The Joseph Storehouse, believe that if basic necessities are lacking in the lives of children, they cannot learn properly. Therefore, it is our priority to help at-risk students and provide them with the supplies they need to succeed. Our annual Pack to School project, which began in 1999, provides underprivileged students with new school supplies to equip them for a year of learning. We also started a project in 2014 that provides help with school fees to children from impoverished families, assisting more than 1,000 students each year.

Vision for Israel also helps students in universities and colleges by providing scholarships to them based on need and merit. Studying is an important virtue, especially for the Jewish people. Our wonderful supporters are excited for this opportunity to advance the education system in Israel by investing in those seeking higher education. We believe that the financial donations and the school supplies that we provide enable students to fulfill their potential, receive a good education and build the future of our country.

To provide underprivileged students with the financial means to succeed.
The numbers that are displayed above are only based on donations collected on this website and on the VFI mobile app.
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